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Branding & Marketing Design Suite

Increase your knowledge at PrintPack+Sign's on-floor seminars. Conducted by industry experts and trade professionals, attend to pick up useful tips!

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Day 1
10 July 2019 (Wednesday)
Branding & Marketing
12.45PM - 1.25PM How to Use Facebook to Increase Revenue
Jabez Lim
Strategic Relations Manager, Impossible Marketing

Topic Synopsis:
1. What is Facebook?
  • Introduction to Facebook and how it can help businesses make their brand known to the general public

2. Why should we use Facebook?
  • Providing statistics to demonstrate how Facebook has integrated to the general publics’ lives.

3. Using Content Pillars to better market our brand on Facebook.
  • Branding / Informative / Premium / Engagement

4. Video Advertising
  • How to make a user stop scrolling through the feeds and why motion graphics is better performing than other content types.
1.00PM - 3.00PM
Held at stage area
Exstopod Asia Expo
1:00PM - Welcome Snacks and Drinks
1:30PM - Introductory Speech from Exsto Asia
1:45PM - Symposium: "Peace & Privacy In A Pod"
2:15PM - Awarding Ceremony for "Pimp my Pod" Competition
2:45PM - Lucky Draw
3:00PM - Networking Session

Peace & Privacy In A Pod
James Paul Pilande
Brand Director (Exstopod), Exsto Asia Pte Ltd

Topic Synopsis:
An open office space can be noisy and somewhat distracting, most of the time collective conversation within an enclosed space can create an intolerable experience when you are trying to focus on work or just simply want some peace of mind. Acoustic Pods are single or multi-person private spaces suitable for making important calls, focus on work, discussions, and short relaxations. We believe that a quiet and comfortable space will increase employees' productivity in the modern busy office environment.
1.30PM - 2.10PM Future Proof Your Business
Catherine Chai
Brand Strategist, Broc Consulting

Topic Synopsis:
As the saying goes "If you are not a brand, you are a commodity."
Brand building is widely acknowledged as an effective tool to help businesses win customers and achieve long term profitability. However, many people lack a clear understanding of what branding entails, resulting in haphazard and incoherent efforts. Worse, some companies see "content marketing" or "social media" as the panacea to building strong brands and were flabbergasted when returns do not commensurate with the resources invested.
In this talk, Ms. Catherine Chai, veteran Brand Strategist, will share with you best practices on how to brand your product, service, and business successfully, and future proof your business with a strong brand!
2.15PM - 2.55PM Applying Design Thinking for SMEs
Kimming Yap
Executive Committee, Design Business Chamber Singapore
Managing Director, Creativeans

Topic Synopsis:
As industries constantly get disrupted and SMEs strive to reinvent themselves, Design Thinking has become a proven method for businesses to continuously innovate and evolve to meet the needs of their customers and achieve business grow. In this seminar, Mr. Kimming Yap will share with you the overarching principles of design thinking and practical tips on how SMEs can apply design thinking to their business.
3.00PM - 3.40PM 7 Most Common Misunderstandings of Digital Marketing In 67% of SME Minds
Ricky Tay
Digital Marketing Consultant, Ice Cube Marketing

Topic Synopsis:
"I have been burnt!" "SEO is a scam!" You might have experience spending several thousand dollars with minimal return in your digital marketing journey. With the experience working with hundreds SMEs, Mr. Ricky Tay realised that 2 out of 3 SME owners' struggle with digital marketing originate from the gaps in digital marketing theories and technical know-how. In this sharing, Ricky will clear the doubts and misunderstandings that SME owners face when planning their digital marketing strategy. Through this seminar, SME owners can grasp the correct concepts in order to run profitable digital marketing campaigns on their own.
3.45PM - 4.25PM How to Build a Brand in the Digital Age
Yulia Saksen
Director, Creativeans

Topic Synopsis:
Branding always seems to be shrouded with mystery. What is branding? How do we brand anything? How does digitalisation affect my brand?
4.30PM - 5.10PM Measuring Success In Social Media Marketing
Yee Gin Ng
Strategic Insights Lead, APAC, WE Communications

Topic Synopsis:
How do you know if youapos;re spending enough or too much on your assets on social media? This session will offer a perspective on identifying the right success metrics for your social media programs and using data to maximise your ROI.
Day 2
11 July 2019 (Thursday)
Workforce Development
2.15PM - 2.55PM WSG Programmes: Hiring, Training and Retention of PMETs in a Manpower-Lean Economy
Shaun Hou
Director, Place and Train Programmes, Singapore National Employers Federation

Topic Synopsis:
SNEF will introduce about the various WSG programmes under the Adapt and Grow Initiative on recruitment, training and retention of PMETs. They are:
A. P-Max Place-and-Train Programme
Aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs
  • Eligible companies will receive an assistance grant of $5,000 upon successful completion of the programme.

B. Enhanced Career Support Programme (CSP)
  • Encourages employers to tap on wealth of experience that mature PMETs can bring to the workplace
  • PMETs made redundant or unemployed for six months or more, hired in mid-level jobs that pay $4,000 ($3,600 for SMEs) will be given wage support for up to 18 months.

C. Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Professional Executives
  • Aims to help mid-career PMETs to reskill and acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new careers in growth sectors
  • Eligible companies will receive training grants and salary support for up to $18,000 upon successful completion of the programme.
3.00PM - 3.40PM Branding Gaps and Audit
Alan Wong
Principal Business Advisor, SME Centre@Central

Topic Synopsis:
A brand represents the identity of your product or service that you offer. It helps your customers to recall your offerings in times when they make reorders. Other than such purpose, what else does your product or service’s brand mean to your customers? Have you ever wondered how you can enhance your clients’ perception of your brand positively and develop brand loyalty? Join us in this workshop that addresses the importance of a brand and appreciate its development and upkeep. The speaker will also discuss execution of a brand audit to identify gaps and suggest ways to close them. Simple case studies will be surfaced to elaborate the key messages to the audience.
3.45PM - 4.25PM How to Stay Ahead of The Race by Deploying EI (Energy Intelligence) Over AI For Your Career & Business
Selina Seah
Director, The Ninth Concepts Pte Ltd

Topic Synopsis:
With the new wave of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it is without a doubt that every industry will find new opportunities as well as challenges transforming the business world and the labour market. For some people, this is the best of times. For others, it is the worst of times. The rules of the game have changed and the landscape has fundamentally been altered. However, there are things we can do about it.
4.30PM - 5.10PM Future-Proof via Deep Human Technologies
Yen-Lu Chow
Founder, WholeTree Foundation

Topic Synopsis:
The implications of an exponential future for everyone will be highly disruptive, truly transformative, and earth shaking - it is one that is unmatched in human history. There are several questions that are paramount for us to ask - as individuals, as parents, as a society, and collectively as the human race.

Will computers take over the world (no longer in the realm of science fiction) and how soon? Will we lose control of our own destiny? What is our destiny in this brave new world? Is there something if anything we can do to remain relevant - and even more importantly - to reassert our role as the creative masters of our destiny, and of our world?

The answer - perhaps surprisingly (or not) - lives in every one of us. Join Yen-Lu as he explores this brave new world of machines and humans living side-by-side - into the world of Deep Human.
Day 3
12 July 2019 (Friday)
1.00PM - 1.30PM Weave MusicCloth® with Rehyphen®
Host: JJ Chuan & Chiu Mee Lee

Do you know that more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste end up in Asia's landfills? Rehyphen® was started as an up-cycling initiative where discarded tapes were collected and weaved in efforts to reduce and eliminate e-waste while giving the product new life. You will have the chance to access their exclusive cassette and video tape collection which were donated by the local community. Pick a cassette or video tape, and weave them into a piece of MusicCloth®. This piece of MusicCloth® will then be turned into Singapore City Map posters and other products that make for original, unique, and memorable gifts - both corporate and personal.
Translate your stories into MusicCloth® that will recall pleasant memories of precious moments and advocate a sustainable way of life.
1.35PM - 2.05PM Calligraphy by Nuffypuffy
Maker: Nafisah

Calligraphy is a simple art form to get addicted to. You could bring it everywhere, all you need is just a brush pen and paper. Nafisah will take you on a journey to how Nuffypuffy was born and show you a simple demonstration on how to compose a simple card for that special someone.
2.10PM - 3.15PM Product Photography for Social Media
Lionel Heng

Everyone is looking to spice up their social media feeds, finding all ways and means to grasp a few seconds of attention from their audience with that Insta-worthy shot. This photography process may seem time-consuming to some, but it does not have to be that intimidating.
Come down to this session with a live demonstration where Lionel will share his process, tips, and tricks that he has learnt through the years to help you get that professional-looking shot all by yourself!
3.20PM - 4.25PM Pop-Up Experience: DIY Floral Bath Salts
Maker: Suds & Such by Pastel Ink Style & Design

Combine the benefits of sea salts, himalayan salts, dry herbs and flowers, and essential oils into one soothing bath! Learn to make your own bath salts with a blend of crowd-favourite essential oils, bring it home, and chill in a tub with your favourite playlist. (Or make yourself a foot bath - there's no wrong way to relax with bath salts!)


Alan Wong Alan Wong
Principal Business Advisor, SME Centre@Central

Mr. Alan Wong has been in the business development, marketing and real estate investment industry since 2000. Based at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub satellite centre, he focuses on assisting SMEs in developing marketing and HR capabilities. Additionally, guidance on overseas expansion is also his forte.
Catherine Chai Catherine Chai
Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator & Transformative Coach
Managing Director, Broc Consulting

Ms. Catherine Chai's career spans over 20 years in branding, training, facilitation, and coaching. She is the Managing Director of Broc Consulting, a brand consulting firm based in Singapore.

Catherine works passionately with forward-looking companies to increase their brand building capabilities and train their employees to live and breathe their brands. Having worked with hundreds of business leaders to build their brands in Asia, she knows that successful and purposeful brands are not the result of more resources but the result of clarity, coherence, and commitment.

Catherine is a well sought-after speaker at industry events and the author of From Bland To Brand - The Essential Branding Handbook for Asian Businesses.
Jabez Lim Jabez Lim
Strategic Relations Manager, Impossible Marketing

Mr. Jabez Lim is the Strategic Relations Manager of Impossible Marketing. Since graduating from University at Buffalo with an Honours Degree in Bachelors of Arts and Communications, he dived into the marketing industry and served clients from various industries - Automobile, Banking & Finance, Education, Engineering, Social Services, just to name a few. At the same time, he continued to study and now holds Google Ads and WordPress Certification.
James Paul Pilande James Paul Pilande
Brand Director (Exstopod), Exsto Asia Pte Ltd
Principal Designer, ARID Builders Pte Ltd

The Brand Director of Exstopod from Exsto Asia, James Paul is also the Principal Designer of a regional corporate ID firm ARID Builders Pte Ltd and a council member for the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS), a leading professional non-profit organisation in Singapore.
Kimming Yap Kimming Yap
Executive Committee, Design Business Chamber Singapore
Managing Director, Creativeans

Mr. Kimming Yap currently serves on the executive committee of Design Business Chamber Singapore and is the Managing Director of Creativeans, an interdisciplinary creative company based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. An expert on brand and design strategies, Kimming has served clients in a broad range of industries, including lifestyle, fast-moving consumer goods, healthcare, beauty, food & beverage, furniture, consumer electronics and government. He regularly conducts presentations on the subject of branding and design, and sits on the judging panel of Singapore Prestige Brand Awards. Kimming holds a Master's Degree in Design.
Lionel Heng Lionel Heng
Minto Studios

Lionel Heng is a professional photographer from Minto Studios, specialising in corporate shoots.
Shooting for almost 10 years, he is based in his own studio space in Sembawang. He has done work for Shell, Casio Singapore, and Estee Lauder.
Previously working in a marketing agency as General Manager that also dealt with corporate gifting, he understands the needs of the industry and its clientele, bringing his experience into his photography.
Whether you are a content creator, a new brand looking to make an impact, or just looking to have your corporate portraits taken, Lionel and Minto Studios will have the skills, tools, and experience to give you what you need.

Find Minto Studios on Instagram and Facebook.
Nafisah Nafisah

Nafisah's journey into calligraphy started in 2016 when she was obsessed with how normal alphabets could be so beautifully written. Together with her desire to create a scrapbook as an anniversary gift, she was motivated to start her Lettering journey and looked for free worksheets online.

After a month of practicing, Nafisah made her own creations and discovered her style. She posted her journey on Instagram daily and a friend contacted her for a custom card - the way Nafisah's first client's face lit up fuelled her excitement and spurred her on.

A few months later Nuffypuffy was born. It's time for Nafisah to share her passion with everyone. By adding some basic watercolour skills to her lettering, she hopes that her colourful creations will fill the world with positivity and joy!

Nafisah's creations are all handwritten, digitised, and printed from her lovely loft and are made with love!

Find Nuffypuffy on Instagram or Facebook.
Rehyphen<sup>®</sup> JJ Chuan
Founder, Rehyphen®

J.J. Chuan, the founder of Rehyphen®, graduated from Parsons The New School of Design in New York. She founded the Rehyphen® studio with the mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. MusicCloth® has been recognised by Material ConneXion® and University of Pennsylvania and is stored in their worldwide libraries. This material has also been included in RedDot 21 for excellent 21st-century world of design and was recently selected by the British designer Kevin McCloud as his Top Green Heroes of 2018 and 2019, showcased in Grand Design Live and Excel in the United Kingdom. MusicCloth® products were also showcased in the 2018 and 2019 editions of NYC x Design.

Check out and join Rehyphen® in being craftivists (craft + activists)!
Ricky Tay Ricky Tay
Digital Marketing Consultant, Ice Cube Marketing

Mr. Ricky Tay is one of the founders of, a performance-focused digital marketing consultancy in Singapore and Malaysia. He helps clients like Dian Xiao Er,, PSB Academy, and even government bodies like the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of Education (MOE), and Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Ice Cube Marketing is also an accredited Google Partner and SAP partner agency. Ricky is also the co-founder of, a tertiary and adult education portal in Singapore.
Pastel Ink Style & Design Suds & Such
Pastel Ink Style & Design

Suds & Such is an imprint of Pastel Ink Style & Design - a brand reflecting their passion in floristry, perfumery, design, the written word, and mindful and thoughtful gift-giving.

Find Pastel Ink Style & Events on Instagram, Facebook, and Lazada.
Selina Seah Selina Seah
Director, The Ninth Concepts Pte Ltd

Internationally Best-Selling Author
Success Strategist Award-Winning Entrepreneur
The Energy Alchemist

Join Selina Seah, The Energy Alchemist, best-selling author as she shares the 5 critical Energy Tips to help you not only survive, but thrive in the future. The knowledge to the art of 'Energy Intelligence' is not an alternative, but instead, a resource that all champions must acquire.
Shaun Hou Shaun Hou
Director, Place and Train Programmes, Singapore National Employers Federation

Mr. Shaun Hou is the Director, Place and Train Programmes of SNEF. He has been with the organisation for 14 years, with his most recent posting to the Training Institute as programme lead for WSG Place-and-Train Programmes. During his stint in SNEF, he was also seconded to the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices to assist employers to put in place fair and progressive HR practices.
Yen-Lu Chow Yen-Lu Chow
Founder, WholeTree Foundation

Mr. Yen-Lu Chow is the Co-Founder and Executive of WholeTree Foundation / Over The Rainbow, Co-Founder and Chairman of Singapore Creations, Managing Partner of WholeTree Ventures, and a Founding Partner of Fatfish MediaLab. He was a former distinguished technologist at Apple.

Yen-Lu currently serves on the boards of several start-up ventures and works actively as a consultant in the social space. He also serves on government advisory panels for innovation, lending a hand in bringing national R&D projects to commercialisation. With the launch of his family non-profit and social initiatives, Yen-Lu now devotes nearly all of his time serving the society as well as the nation in his various capacities.
Yulia Saksen Yulia Saksen
Director, Creativeans

Ms. Yulia Saksen, a certified consultant, strategist and co-author of branding book Are You Brand Dead? will unravel the mystery of branding through light-hearted illustrations and practical examples, and introduce methodologies so you can build a strong brand for yourself.