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05 Jun 2019

8 ways to spice up your products with creative packaging

Packaging is like the clothes to your products. Just as there are fashion trends that capture the audience, there are packaging trends that are capturing the eyes of the consumer. A good packaging gives an excellent impression about what your product is about.

Since customers seldom weigh in the pros and cons of your product efficiently, they would look at packaging to make a decision.

So here are 8 tips needed to wow your customers into their first purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the product examples are food and beverages; to find out about creative packaging for other items, visit PrintPack+Sign 2019

Supplement the product

Supplementing the packaging with the product (Usually F&B) would create convenience for your consumers, especially when your product requires additional tools to be utilised.

Butter with Knife as a lid; No more carrying pesky knifes to butter your bread.

Wine Bottle complemented with built in glasses; gone are the days of searching through pantries.

Let it resemble the source of the product

We all get tired of seeing the same shaped packaging all the time. To make your products stand out, try a new shape, perhaps one that reassembles your source of the products.

Orange juice with packaging resembling the orange fruit

Fruit juice packaging looking like sliced fruits.

Address the situation

Packaging can be dull when there’s nothing much to tell about the product itself. So why not use the packaging to showcase what the product is about?

3M Earplugs that have a volume knob. Turn down for what? Earplugs of course!

Imitate the best

Illusion is a choice. Why not make your consumer associate your products with something better?

For example tap beer is better than canned beer, so why not make canned beer look like draft beer?

Canned beer with a beer pint jug as a sleeve

Make it fun!

Make your product memorable by associating it with something light hearted and funny!

Paint Brushes that look like moustaches on faces

Teabags hangers hanging on a wardrobe

Play with the process

You can also remind your customers on how the product is made, telling a story with the process.

Cookies out of the oven packaging

Simplify the hassle

Sometimes, the product can be a pain to carry, so why not make it simpler to handle? Your customers will thank you for it. You can also cut material costs but improvising

New way to hold flowers

Using chopsticks as handles for takeout boxes.

Play with the brand / product name

Puns and wordplay are what makes a brand/product more memorable to the customer, so why not use the packaging as a means to deliver it?

Note earphones that is coiled like quaver notes; can you listen to the music?

Canteen Tequila in an actual glass canteen; drink up!

Nike Air Max in an Air-filled plastic packaging.


Well, here are the 8 ways you can spice up your packaging

Want to know how you can improve your packaging for your products?

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