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22 May 2019

Resource List #15


Packaging trends 2019: part 1 – the search for sustainability
The words "packaging trends in 2018” were dominated by sustainability action, largely fueled by rising anti-plastic sentiment. In the first of a two part report on packaging trends, Packaging Insights speaks to several industry experts about what to anticipate in 2019, starting with the most hotly contested trend: sustainability.


Accelerating a more sustainable industrial revolution with digital manufacturing
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is shaping up to be one of the most significant opportunities of our lifetime. According to the World Economic Forum,, the value of digital transformations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is estimated at $100 trillion in the next 10 years alone across all sectors, industries and geographies.

Sustainable architecture thanks to 3D printers
Floors, stairs, entire buildings built by 3 printers. Smart Regions examines how one Dutch company, with help from the European Cohesion Policy, is using the printing technology to create sustainable building solutions.

Digital Signage

Digital signage trends claim top spots in february 2019
Readers of Digital Signage Today fell in love with digital signage trends last month. Cupid’s arrows stories struck readers with stories related to smart cities, green digital signage, hardware and software trends.

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