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30 Apr 2019

Resource List #14

Digital Signage

3 tips for successful digital signage
It is one thing to understand the nuts and bolts of digital signage, such as the individual displays, media players and software packages, but it is another to understand how to make it work well with your business. When you deploy digital signage indoors, you have to consider a lot of factors such as space, branding and messaging.

Target talks digital signage, using Big Data to deliver a personalised experience
Many companies aim to use customer data to do more targeted marketing for their audiences, especially using digital signage – but how do you do so without bordering on creepy?


Plastic packaging industry braces for eco-friendly measures
Plastic packaging producers should be prepared for new Thai government measures because it has set a goal to ban seven single-use plastic types by 2025.

How Singapore firms are preparing for new packaging mandate
With Singapore set to introduce mandatory reporting requirements in 2020 in a bid to raise awareness of packaging waste, companies tell Eco-Business how they are preparing for the mandate, and what they are doing to limit their packaging waste.

Vintage food packaging on show
Food packaging of the past may bring back fond memories. This is what a new exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore - Packaging Matters: Singapore's Food Packaging Story From The Early 20th Century - aims to achieve. It will run till 15 September 2019.


Is digital packaging a leap of faith for commercial printers?
The global packaging markets continue to show steady growth and consequently, they are of considerable interest to the digital print manufacturers and their customers, the general commercial printers. However, the promise of a gold rush of new opportunity appears to have been an illusion because digital print still remains a niche part of the overall market.

That’s how fast modern flexo printing can be
How fast can an optimised printing process be today? Just 3 hours after a group photo was taken, the image was produced on the new Noveflex II at speeds of 600 meters a minute. Job changes every 5 minutes also demonstrated its efficiency.

3D printing might save your life one day. Here's how it's transforming medicine and health care.
What can 3D printing do for medicine? The "sky is the limit," says Northwell Health researcher Dr. Todd Goldstein.

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