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16 Apr 2019

Enticing your customers with your brand through signage

To say that branding is very important is an understatement. Branding is extremely vital to all companies alike. It personifies your company to consumers, bringing a company life and providing style to it instead of being a cold, monolithic entity that consumers feel turned off by. So how do brands express themselves? Signage and print of course!

Here are some reasons on why you should invest in signage, and also some signage ideas that would both wow your consumer market.

Signage is still King

The WHY of creating signage and print ads

We talk a lot about digital dominance in the modern world with Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter being the behemoths of ad platforms. However even in this digital world, signage is still king. Even in the most developed cities like New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, signs are EVERYWHERE. And the best part is? They capture the charm of every single company they are promoting.

In fact, even in Singapore there has been an ever-growing mania among youngsters. Neon signs are popping up in many bars, pubs and cafes to create the aesthetic vibes to the atmosphere and for the gram; According to Yahoo Singapore: “Sixty years ago, neon signs were used to brighten the streets of Poland during the bleak Cold War era. Today, they’re cheering up Instagram and Pinterest feeds, as well as Singapore’s eateries, nightlife, retail outlets, chic co-working spaces, and most recently, homes.“

Never underestimate the powers of signage and print advertising. Who knows? Yours might grow viral in the next Pinterest and Instagram feed as well.

Source: Yahoo News

Flyers are dead but posters are in rehab

The HOW of creating print ads

Yes, you’ve read the title. Flyers are technically dead. Nobody wants that piece of ad-filled paper. I would rather put posters on my business front to entice the customers; and with every generation having shorter and shorter attention span, the best signs and print advertisements win.

The only way to capture attention is to be as creative as possible for your signs and advertisements.

First thing you have to be aware of is how you capture the market.

Let’s follow this acronym: AIDA

  1. Attention: How do you make the heads of random people turn to your poster? Put something shocking if your business is to raise awareness. Colour psychology also plays an important role as bright or contrasting colours can capture a person’s eye.
  2. Interest: How do you attract the customers? Through keywords pasted boldly? (Think of Closing Down Sale posters) or through images? (Creative advertising) Does it capture more than average attention span of customers that they would be curious to follow up?
  3. Desire: Once you are done with the first two steps (They are chronological), how do you make a customer turn from interest to desire? Does a certain picture induce certain feelings? Take restaurants for example - does the plating presentation of your food cause people to go hungry even after eating a meal?
  4. Action: A Call to Action (CTA) is always need to convert potential customers to actual customers. You have captured desire in the customers, but if you don’t prompt them to go into your store and buy stuff. Your efforts would be in vain.

We usually want to capture the attention of the customers. But the best advertisements can do all 4 in just one image.

As most of the entrepreneurs know, keeping a higher retention rate is more cost-efficient than acquiring new clients. The idea is to retain your clients and keep them loyal to your brand as long as possible. If you can do this correctly, you will never have to waste on printing flyers for people to throw ever again.

What they want and what you can provide

The WHAT of creating signs and print ads

The most important factor in your sign and brand is to showcase your actual purpose of your products and services; there is no point in designing the best ads just for your customer to feel cheated that you are unable to provide such services.

If you are selling glasses, showcase the impact the product would have on the customer. If you are providing weight loss massaging services, showcase the before and after effect in the most creative way possible.

How style affects branding

The HOW of creating signage

Once you have brainstormed the creative process, it is time to bring your ideas to fruition. Price would not matter if your signage provides a good ROI.
So ask a few questions:

  1. How do you find the correct style for your brand? Is it playful? Professional? Calming? Creative? Healthy?
  2. What materials capture the style? (Neon captures retro vibrancy, LCD / LED display provides embrace in technology, Canvas signs gives off artistic aura, Wood gives a warn café feel)
  3. Fonts and Sizes- Some fonts are able to capture different feels to the brand, if you you’re your brand to look established and vintage, use cursive fonts like Ollie (Think: Coca-Cola) If you want your brand to look modern, use Helvetica or Code Pro (Think: Google)

Also do make a good first impression! Visitors expect to find helpful directions — online and on the ground. Orientation is key.

3 simple rules for good signage:

  1. The information is clear.
  2. The information is accurate.
  3. The information is where the traveller is looking.

Confusing, obsolete or hard-to-find information leads visitors to question the entire enterprise.

Red flags are displaying a good sign where the consumer is NOT looking or displaying ambiguous information where the visitor is looking. Woe be the hotel that goes unnoticed because its own signage is too wimpy. (Source)


You have learnt why signage and print advertising are still as relevant now, even in today’s digital context, as well as how you can create the best out of your sign. But where do you find suppliers now? That is where we come in.

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