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26 Mar 2019

Resource List #13


Adoption of eco-friendly packaging for food and beverage products shoots up in Japan
Japanese manufacturers mainly dealing with the food and beverage industry are increasing their support to the government’s efforts of developing plastic alternatives by launching eco-friendly food and beverage packaging and exploring new ways to reduce dependence on plastic. The use of paper packaging and recycled PET bottles is reportedly increasing at a decent rate in Japan Also see: Environmentally-friendly packaging from Japan

Opinion piece: On second thoughts...Unintended consequences
Everyone should be alert to the dangers of simplistic reliance on headline metrics, argues Sanjay Patel, founding partner of the Packaging Collective. Packaging is everyone, and plastic packaging in particular has brought so much joy and convenience into our lives. So, why the flak nowadays?

Fluff: Here are 5 Korean beauty brands with the best packaging
Instagram-worthy makeup and skincare from Dear Dahlia, tamburins, and more.


Samsung marks decade as global leader in digital signage
New industry report affirms 10 years of industry-leading innovation, positioning Samsung at forefront of digital signage industry. Recently released data from IHS Markit, the leading provider of digital signage market data, identified Samsung as the top selling brand in the industry since 2009.

Digital signage is only getting smarter
As digital signage continues to evolve, signs will only get smarter and more capable of processing large amounts of data. This means more personalised, responsive, and effective signage will be possible. The future of digital signage won’t only be wireless, but will also be fully reliant on its own system to make fast-paced decisions for more targeted signage.

How 5G will revolutionise digital signage
As 3G begins to phase out and 4G begins taking over, 5G won’t be far behind. With faster speeds than ever before, 5G will mean greater capabilities for digital signage, among other applications.

With so much digital signage around us, it all starts to blend together. However, 5G will enable digital signage to stand out with more tailored and focused content. Those with traditional digital signage content will now be able to take it even further.

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