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19 Mar 2019

Introducing and feeling the pulse of the labelling industry

Diving right in – the labelling industry is a complex one directly related to the likes of brand marketing and product packaging.

Serving as the identity of products which allow customers to differentiate one brand from another, labels matter when it comes to purchasing a notebook computer for work, getting yogurt and milk for breakfast, or buying a simple t-shirt from a departmental store.

Having said that, it is important to note that labelling isn’t simply about product promotion and branding. It also contains far more imperative information that consumers do take note of when they check the label, showing that the quality of the label matters as well. It is for this reason that product manufacturers need to ensure that effective labelling printers are made used of.

Importance of product labels

Labels are important to a consumer because of the following:


Labels allow consumers to know the contents and ingredients in products so that it can help in their decision-making process. For consumables and products that go in direct contact with your skin, this is especially important for people with health or skin issues.


Labels serve as guide on how to properly use the product purchased. Should this medicine by consumed with or without food? How much of it should I consume? Where should this screw go in my new gaming chair? With this, consumers will be able to use the products correctly and maximise its use to its full effect.

Warnings / Stand-out factor

There are products that might yield side effects for some people whenever used or consumed; the label serves as a place where these product warnings can be found. This serves as a disclaimer for medicines (internal and external), food, toys, etc. Would this cause drowsiness? Does this toy have any small parts that my toddler may choke on? It all goes into the warning section of the label.


For some products, the law requires them to place a certain information on their packaging just to inform consumers first and foremost. An example of this information is the line “Smoking is dangerous to your health.”


Of course, an important form of product label is on its pricing. Here, you are able to compare the prices of products from different brands. This will help you choose the best brand for you while allowing you to sneak in some savings.

In essence, research should be done with it comes to product labelling. All components of a label that you see are vital information for the consumer when it comes to decision-making and the consumption of the product.

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