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22 Feb 2019

Resource List #012

Printing & Labelling

A new era for labelling – digital transformation at work
Digital transformation is one of the buzz phrases of the moment, a trend sweeping through all industries. While it means different things to different people, ultimately, it’s all about digitalising processes and infrastructure, and using technology to optimise productivity and efficiency. The intricacies of this may vary, but the core principle remains the same.

Opinion piece: Digital disruption
Christian Menegon, global business development manager for labels and packaging at HP Indigo, charts the impact of digital printing on the label industry.


Make accessibility part of your packaging design
It is not only the ageing population that has issues with difficult-to-open packaging, it is also people with disabilities, arthritis sufferers and even children. By insisting that ’Ease of Use’ should be an integral part of packaging design, manufacturers can grow their market share by meeting changing consumer needs.

Thinking outside the smart packaging box
Imagine if a packet of antibiotics could tell a patient whether it had been opened and which pill had been taken and at what time. Then, imagine if things could be taken a step further and the medication could alert patients when it was time to take the next one, then feed this information back to their doctor as part of a healthcare management system. Dale Pittock, sales director of pharmacy consumables provider Valley Northern, explores the latest developments in the smart packaging market.

Sustainable packaging for natural foods
Packaging for natural food products must protect food quality and safety while also connoting clean labels and sustainability. Sustainable packaging has no single best example in either the food or packaging industries. The three usual indications of “sustainability” involve one or more properties stated in the article.

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