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05 Jul 2018

Interview: Bringing Ideas to Life

Question (Q): Would you like to tell our readers more about PT ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR?
Answer (A): PT ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR is an Indonesian company that produces corrugated plastic sheet named ALVAboard. Our vision is to be one of the largest and most committed plastic producers in Southeast Asia that contributes to the growth of the nation while continually challenging the issue of global warming. That’s why we are trying our best to maintain our products’ fine quality. Our brand slogan ‘Innovative Plastic Sheet’ keeps us inspired to bring more ideas for the people through what we produce – the corrugated plastic sheet.

Q: ALVAboard is environmentally friendly – How do you think ALVAboard is challenging the issue of global warming with its products?
Answer (A): This is a perception that people have to look into deeper than usual. When we talk about global warming, we should look for the major factors that are degrading the earth’s capability as our environment. In fact, we found several research papers that proved plastic to be a safer material to produce compared to other alternatives. Furthermore, the Polypropylene-based material that we are using is recyclable. Our board is also used as an alternative to several materials such as plywood and paper-based boards that are produced through forest logging. That said, the use of our materials can help reduce forest logging activities.

Q: Would you like to share with our readers more about #BringYourIdeaToLife?
Answer (A): Yes, of course. #BringYourIdeaToLife is what we call a ‘spirit’ where we stimulate people’s creativity through the making of this corrugated plastic sheet, which can be used for a wide range of applications. Either for home or industrial usage, we will continue to innovate our products as solutions in ever-challenging issues of efficiency.

ALVAboard is multifunctional and can be transformed into a wide variety of useful products ranging from dividers to signage to packaging boxes.

Q: Has there been any project that was incredibly interesting and stood out among others?
Answer (A): There have been many interesting projects. For one, we helped with cost-savings in the manufacturing and automotive industries by replacing cardboard and plywood to transport semi-raw goods and other components in their production facilities.

The durability of our materials increases the cycle of such returnable packaging which then provides production efficiency in the long run. Adding on to that, we aim to develop our products extensively in the creative industry that serves more than just signage and POP displays.

We also produce furniture such as chairs and tables which we have showcased in several promotional occasions.

Q: Could you give our readers a sneak peek on the free giveaways you will be having during PrintPack+Sign 2018?
Answer (A): The giveaway will be one of our creative products. This product is very useful and we think that recipients of the product will understand how much #BringYourIdeaToLife really means to our company.

Q: What are some things PT ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR is looking forward to achieve in 2018 and beyond?
Answer (A): We will stick to our vision to be one of the largest and committed plastic producers in Southeast Asia that contributes to the growth of the nation while continually challenging the issue of global warming. For 2018, we hope that people will learn more about us through the brand, ALVAboard, and gain knowledge on how to make use of our board in their daily lives efficiently.

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