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21 Jun 2018

The impact of interactive digital signage

What they work

Whether you’re aware of it or not, interactive digital signage is everywhere. Today, interactive kiosks like shopping mall directories, bank ATMs, and maps are all over the place and digital signage are at almost every bus-stop and MRT station in Singapore.

Click here for some examples.

Why they work

Interactive digital signage engages audience from everywhere. They attract the eyes of people and invite them to walk over and actually take a look at what the signage has to offer. More importantly, it encourages people to act on it and do something.

Where they can work

• Proper placement with the right eye level (target audience).
• Places with the right amount of traffic.

Take a look at these:

  1. Claw your way to free Oreo Thins Lemon!

  2. Giant X-Ray Screen Erases Gender, Age, Race To Prove ‘We Are All Human’

  3. It’s a Christmas miracle! Airline makes stunned passengers’ festive wishes come true

  4. British Airways Innovates With New Marketing Campaign

How to do it

Last but not least, how about the one closest to our hearts – we may or may not come across almost daily?

McDonald’s kiosks

With smart touch gestures and movement detectors, interactive digital signage will grow as more businesses embrace this new and effective trend.

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