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24 May 2018

The Importance of Being Eco-Friendly

Sea levels are on the rise as ice caps are melting in result of human activities. Temperatures are affected with effect of climate change and lives are threatened – wildlife and domestic alike.

In light of such increasing environmental concerns, many industries are taking measures to do their part in helping save the earth. Hence, the growing demands and promotion of green packaging and eco-friendly products. Companies are now making use of better alternatives to facilitate biodegradable and reusable packaging.


40% of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded.

Source: National Geographic

Apart from having plastic strewn haphazardly into oceans and affecting aquatic lives, plastic is also non-biodegradable. It emits toxins, chemicals, and pollutants into the air. Thus, the growing demand of green packaging to replace plastic–s negative effects on the earth.

Green packaging market in on the rise and is expected to reach USD$230.19 billion by 2024
The green packaging solution is to reduce the generation of solid waste and to keep the environment safe. The concept of green packaging is to use biodegradable materials to provide efficiently designed packaging which can be easily reused and recycled. Rising consumers– awareness towards environmental issues and reduction in carbon footprints is improving the expansion of the green packaging business.

While industries work on manufacturing more effective eco-friendly products, the green lifestyle stems from within each individual.

Here are some ways we can take being environmentally friendly into our daily lives and habits:

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