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26 Apr 2018

Everything 3D Printing

Ordinary printing is no more. 3D printing is in and now, the talk of the show. Today, if you were to search up “printing industry” on your search engines, more often than not, “3D” is going to show up in at least the top 10 results. 3D anything is on the rise and is seemingly taking over the world.

3D printing has been one of the hottest trends in the tech world for entertainment and art. Now, it has invaded multiple industries including manufacturing, education, space, even weaponry, and possibly food.

Medical Industry

3D printing in the medical field can now aid in providing realistic anatomical models.

Gone are the days of expensive medical equipment. With 3D printing now, things like prosthetics can be done cheaper and quicker. Complex structures would then be easier to design and prototype for replication and customisation.

With the help of this out-of-the-world technology, patient outcomes improve, recovery takes less time and operating room time and equipment is minimised.

Source: The medical industry and 3d printing: A perfect match


Cars are popularly known to be ridiculously expensive and a hassle to build. However, with industries invested in the success of 3D-printed cars, it is finally ready to present the 3D-printed LSEV. The LSEV is said to be mass produced in 2018 and not only is it a cheaper alternative, it can be assembled in just three days.

With its level of convenience and effectiveness, we look forward to the growth and development of more 3D-printed cars in the society in the near future.

Source: This 3D printed electric car will enter production this year


Typically, housing construction is costly and time-intensive. The first 3D-printed, robot-build home in France took about just 18 days. Through the rise of such 3D-printed projects, many believe these buildings could potentially help solve the issue on homelessness in the foreseeable future.

Source: World’s first 3D-printed home unveiled in France

With features like reducing carbon footprint, being eco-friendly, and cutting down on costs, 3D printing is changing the world.

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