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12 Apr 2018

Resource List #009

3D Printing

The medical industry and 3d printing: A perfect match
Medical device designers and manufacturers have many special needs that 3D printing can help meet.

The first 3D-printed steel bridge looks like it broke off an alien mothership
The plan to 3D-print a bridge in mid-air was always bonkers. How could a technology best known for creating flimsy prototypes and personalised action figures be used for permanent construction projects? Well, the team at MX3D in Amsterdam just answered all of the heard questions and revealed it: the world’s first 3D-printed bridge. It’s made of a completely new type of steel, spans 40 feet, and will be installed early next year in De Wallen, the largest and best-known red-light district in Amsterdam. It also looks utterly otherworldly.

This 3D printed electric car will enter production this year
Cars have gone from a “get me from point A to point B by burning gas” mode of transportation to a dream project for innovative techies. Cars can now run on electricity, be summoned by smartphone apps in cities all over the world, and are being developed to navigate without a human behind the wheel.

And now, they can be 3D printed too.


The packaging industry is rising to the challenge of plastic pollution
Business support for boosting packaging tax shows firms are taking plastic crisis seriously, argues Bunzl’s Joanna Gilroy.

On March 24, a record 400 landmarks in the United Kingdom turned off their lights in support of a global call for action on climate change, as part of Earth Hour 2018. Created by the WWF, Earth Hour is the world’s largest grass-roots event in support of the planet, and this year during the event, the WWF released alarming figures on the issue of plastic pollution.

Regenerative packaging puts the cherry on top of sustainability
The cherry tree is a popular metaphor for understanding sustainability as modelled after the regenerative framework of nature. Introduced in Braugart’s and McDonough’s book “Cradle-to-Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things” the cherry tree exists as part of a complex system of give and take with the natural environment: It takes sunlight, rain; it gives blossoms, food.

“What if every time you bought a product, you were helping to reduce pollution and improve the environment?”


4 ways AI is transforming digital signage
Digital signage is now a familiar site in the modern world. From displaying menus at restaurants to offering directions in a building, digital signage feeds audience information in a dynamic way. But how much more valuable could this channel be? Can digital signage take on a role to personalise messages or respond to a situation in real-time? Yes, with help from artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

The most important digital signage trends following DSE 2018? There’s only one
CI speaks with 2 digital signage pros at Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018) and learns that the biggest digital signage trends revolve around one thing: data.

Software / Analytics is the future of digital signage

The state of the digital signage market in 2018
Opportunities to provide customers with digital display technology are vast, but so is the need for new abilities, say digital signage market leaders.

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