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25 Jul 2017

Digital Marketplace for The Ads & Signs People – Material Supplies Made Easy


The online business has become a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream, not to mention it has completely turned the path to purchase/ fulfilment on its head. Which businesses do not want a piece of that growing pie? Often SMEs are very focused on day-to-day operations missing a dedicated planned effort on business-growth. Especially in the context of ad & sign, tools offering disruption in traditional style of business & the way businesses will be managed in future. Technology is offering disruption, innovation, cost cutting, growth in revenue and clients, better customer experience, and this makes it vital for any SME to start focusing how to use technology for the business growth.

The ads & signs industry has been around for a very long time and is constantly changing and evolving in order to remain until today. So do the purchasing methods of raw materials need to evolve as well? The answer is YES! All aspects of the ads & signs industry have to evolve especially in the purchasing of material supplies as they are the very basic level of the business cycle.

So where do traditional companies fit into the modern landscape?

Many traditional ads & signs companies are dealing with the problem of accelerating costs in their basic material acquiring. These companies are suffering from buying high and selling low, which causes them to lose out on profits and forces them to drive volume sales just to help break-even or cover costs.

Having heard from industry veterans with decades of experience, I always wonder is there a way to elevate this situation? Every time I listen to them talking about how thin margins are and how much more work than ever needed to be put in just to cover costs, causes the founding team at 121signs.com to come up with this concept of the ads & signs marketplace with technology’s help of doing things!

Our business model involves partnering with manufacturers and collating single orders and making it as a bulk order to negotiate with manufacturers for a better unit price, so that these SME companies can enjoy the advantage of price and service that the larger companies had.

This win-win situation also brings the advantage of 121signs.com not being seen as a competitor by the traditional material supply companies, but also as another supply-chain for them to ride on. We are not a player to fear, but rather a real partner.

We see ourselves revolutionizing this ads & signs industry, in order to more efficiently respond to the needs of a high and fast demand business clientele, while at the same time tackling high material supply costs and marketing problems related to the rise of online media.

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