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10 Jul 2017

Interview: Sign Matters with Ever Shining

Question (Q): How did you get the idea or concept of Ever Shining?
Answer (A):
EVER SHINING in literal translation refers to shining brightly always, also known as Xuanliang. The parent company in China is called Xuanliang Signages. “Xuan” refers to having eye-catching colours. “Liang” refers to the lightings’ beautification. We create signs that reflect the brand’s meaning of having beautiful signages that are etched in people’s minds.

Q: Were there any significant projects that you have worked on?
China Eastern Airlines, China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, America’s Jian Wei Furniture, Da Niang Dumplings, and Lao Feng Xiang Jewellery are our perennial customers. Their headquarters and business premises have signages and light boxes that are fabricated via our one-stop design, production, installation and after-sales service.

Q: What was the experience like, working on the projects/ with the clients?
We have 24 years of experience designing, producing and installing. In practice, we have garnered a lot of experience. Some customers have different, unique tastes, some customers require low prices with end products that are also of good quality, and some wish to have an outer glow effect in all directions that does not look “mashed up”. After 20 years of continuous development, the company has accumulated a variety of solutions.

Q: How do you customise your clients’ different needs for your animated lightbox displays? What are the differences between the animated lightbox displays used for advertising and those used for commercial usage?
Simply put, it is to use LED to reproduce the light source to replace the traditional static lightbox. Through the editing of light movement, strength, speed and rhythmic changes, combined with the mood of the visual, it results in a very dynamic and aesthetic visual impact, which catches the attention for advertising towards a new lightbox variation.

The prospective market for animated lightbox displays is excellent. It has 3 major advantages, such as the following:

  1. Prominent “eye-catching” effect
    It is a constantly flashing combination to enhance visual impact, and effectively improve the advertising unit area utilisation. The new electronic-integrated-light-emitting system, single-chip programming control, regardless of light box size, the design can be of a variety of text and alternating lighted patterns. It not only improves profit margin for the producers, but also creates economic benefits for the users.

  2. More lasting power than neon lights, better safety, long life, eco-friendly
    LED animated lightbox displays utilise a new type of bright LED as the light source. LED features are prominent, have a long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. The LED spectrum is almost fully concentrated in the visible light band with a luminous efficiency of up to 80-90%. LED is used mainly as an eco-friendly alternative. Most people think that energy-saving lamps with energy-saving levels of 4 out of 5 is a great initiative, but LED energy-saving lamps saves energy by 1/4 , which is a great reformation of light source.

  3. Can be used in a wide range of applications
    The animated lightbox display can be used in an extensive range involving business frontage facades, signs, business profiles, etc. in public areas and industries, such as supermarkets, tobacco, department stores, tea, dried fruit, guest houses, hotels, clothing, hardware, internet cafés, outpatient clinics, hospitals, fruit, luggage, freight, building materials and so on.

Q: When would you advise a client to use a static wayfinding signage, versus a digital one?
I would recommend that static wayfinding signage should be used in complex environments, such as shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, government office buildings, and hospitals. In these places, traffic channels are aplenty with large crowds and a more complex terrain; therefore it is easy to get lost. Static wayfinding signage can be installed in prominent positions for people to find their destination easily at a glance. Installations of digital versions require electrical power, and many places do not have such access readily. Secondly, the digital version consists of complex patterns which complicate the visual impact, thus making people unable to find their destination easily. Moreover, the digital version is of a fixed size and cannot be changed and tweaked in accordance with the local environment. Also, the cost of fabricating digital wayfinding signage is relatively high. These are some of its limitations.

Q: What sort of materials do you think would suit an outdoor wayfinding signage better and why?
A: I think metal such as galvanised sheet, stainless steel, and aluminium alloy profiles are more suitable for outdoor wayfinding signage. This material is easy to handle, is malleable and can be cut into various shapes and sizes with a range of finishing. Metal is durable and has a clean finish when spray painting is done. Upon installation of LED lightings, the signage creates a mesmerising effect when it blends into the environment in the night.

Q: With more and more people transitioning to digital signage, do you think it will affect the company’s business?
A: No, we carry a large variety of products and services. Digital materials have limitations in terms of the size, electricity source and installation. In some places where the sun is too strong, the visibility of the images will be affected. Secondly, our company is also advancing with the times, and continues to adapt to the development of the times. Whilst developing the traditional signage, digital and electronic signage concurrently brings us the new blue ocean. We will endeavour to become the city’s beautician, to make Singapore and Southeast Asia more beautiful and prosperous looking.

Q: How will you take advantage of the rising digital era?
A:We have entered the digital age, which has fast become the trend. We cannot stop the development of the times, and can only adapt to the current trend. China is a country with electronic and digital manufacturing power and advanced technology that is of first-class quality with reasonable pricing. We can serve as a bridge to open up the barriers between the 2 countries, in order to service Singapore with suitable products based on needs. It is a very good chance for us.

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