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23 Jun 2017

Printing You Won't Believe Until You See and Feel It...


Printing in 2017 is a completely different animal to the printing we used to know in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Today, with the modern marvel of digital printing technology, we are able to achieve effects on printed materials that in the past took many different processes, considerable time, harsh chemicals and an increase in investment over the typical printed piece to make it happen.

We are talking about embellishments like hot and cold foil, the addition of crystals, flat varnishes, glossy coatings and dimensional inks that create a standout experience. As technology improves with time, the opportunity to use the aforementioned effects has increased—and it doesn’t hurt that it has also become easier to do and more affordable.

Digital printing technologies and in-line finishing add-ons like those found from the Scodix Ultra Series of presses creates a unique value proposition and competitive advantage for print shops that you really have to see—and feel—to believe. But the key is the “in-line” and digital printing aspect. Scodix has pioneered the ability to add embellishments in an easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-quality and modular approach that interfaces with their Scodix Ultra and Ultra Pro series of digital presses. The flexibility gives printers a secret weapon to create dimensional print effects, textures, holographs and foil applications, just to name a few.

Scodix scodified effect also brings more possibilities to designers and marketers who are always trying to come up with the next amazing piece of print for their clients. Marketing and design is all about appealing to the senses of the recipient. You want the piece to speak to them and create a relevant emotional connection. But maybe you are in a creative slump or you are unsure if the effect you want to create is possible!

A look at Scodix possibilities to make these a reality.

The SENSE-ible Approach to Extraordinary Print
Today, it is all about being able to do more with less… or maybe more importantly, as much as possible on one print device. As a designer and marketer, you want the confidence to make the most imaginative and show-stopping materials for your clients. This includes being able to design brochures, business cards, greeting cards, direct mail, book covers, photo albums and more. Moreover, these will really sing if you can add a little bling like foil, embossing, lens effects that make colour stand out, crystals, variable heights of polymer to create texture and the application of glitter. With Scodix SENSE™ these types of embellishments are possible from a single machine optioned out with finishing stations such as the Scodix Rainbow for in-house glitter additions—a world first in digital enhancement presses.

Many Substrates to Make the Difference
At Scodix, we believe that substrates could be one of the keys to success in 2017. For designers and marketers, it is of supreme importance to be able to create tactile difference to differentiate one brand from another; not to mention creating those relevant emotional connections. Being able to use glossy, linen, bond, carton stock and combinations of these stocks with thicknesses up to 700 microns means design combinations and print output can become quite interesting and unique. Imagine being able to print packaging with spot colours, gloss and even dimensional texture or braille to speak to the needs of the audience you are promoting to. People in a recent research study showed a 24% higher sense of value for things they could touch than those that they could just see. Moreover, in another research study, brands that appealed to 4 of the 5 senses saw a 60% increase in that brand being a person’s first selection.

These are all reasons to partner with the right technology and really make your print standout from the crowd. Make sure to visit us in the coming 2017 at Scodix booth at CB37.

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