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01 Jun 2017

Resource List #005


Industry event examines digital package printing advances
At the Digital Printing Spectrum 2017, the printing industry discusses how to attract younger professionals to take on more jobs in the industry.

3D printing the next five years by Briana Yarbrough from AET Labs
Briana Yarbrough shares how 3D printing can be and has been integrated into school curriculum to help strengthen students’ portfolios.

Deliberate mistakes could be the key to protecting 3D printed parts from theft
In an attempt to protect individual 3D designs, some have proposed purposefully printing imperfect products.


Packaging industry continues to demand new solutions from functional and barrier coating suppliers
New solutions for packaging are in demand as the packaging industry continues to strive to improve their products.

Assessing sustainability challenges in the global packaging market
As the packaging market continues to grow, it is getting more and more scrutinized for sustainability in their products.

Sustainable packaging becomes a must-have within the industry
Sustainability is now demanded by all parties involved in the packaging industry, i.e. consumers, manufacturers and suppliers.

“Packaging must constantly rejuvenate”
The Dutch Packaging Association (NVC)’s managing director, Michaël Nieuwesteeg, talks about the challenges that the packaging industry will face and how education in the industry is changing with innovation.


6 ways to inspire interaction with digital signage
If used correctly, digital signage can encourage customer interaction by a significant amount. Some well-known brands, (e.g. Reebok, Toyota, etc.) have taken advantage of digital signage in their marketing campaigns to achieve success.

5 pitfalls to avoid when deploying digital signage
Planning to make use of digital signage? Make sure to avoid these 5 pitfalls.

Digital signage powers smart cities
More cities are implementing digital signage as they find out how useful it is, especially for tourists who can access information at any moment with the digital signage.

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