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29 May 2017

Going green with packaging, every little step counts

Question (Q): Can you share with us a little history about Packeverything?
Answer (A): Favor International was founded in 1973, specialising primarily in the supply of industrial packaging to local traders and companies. The business expanded significantly under the trading name of Packeverything® since 2006 by offering customers a wide range of ready stocked, reliable and practical packaging solutions. All products are available seamlessly at both our online as well as our physical store.

Q: When did your company start implementing eco-friendly products?
A: Since our main Kraft product is from recycled paper material, we are probably your most earth-friendly packaging supply store here in Singapore. Without compromising or deviating from our core value of earth-friendly packaging, we worked to focus on these following areas as it is pledged as our goal and corporate responsibility to promote both the reusability and recycling of packaging materials.

Q: Were there any challenges along the way when you were producing or selling them?
A: Some packaging needs cannot be fulfilled by paper products and many disregarded eco-friendly products for its lesser visual appeal as seen in the ‘raw’ look of Kraft paper bags or carton boxes. Thankfully, more businesses have become aware of the social impact of their packaging choice. We have since seen many companies adopt more creative and eco-friendly packaging strategies in their marketing mix.

Q: How were you able to overcome the challenges?
A: We set up a dedicated projects team to offer customisations of the packaging to reflect the corporate image on the packaging products. With experience in the printing effects on both carton boxes and Kraft paper material, our clients have been able to still project their image through the use of eco-friendly packaging.

Q: Packeverything deals with a lot of materials - i.e. plastic, paper for different packaging solutions. Are there processes in place to ensure that these packaging and its materials are sourced ethically?

Q: Can you tell us more about your new products? (i.e. Eco-Kraft Paper Bags, Bio-Plastic Bags)

We launched eco-Kraft range of paper bags to promote the 2 main features of Kraft packaging- Eco-friendly + Economical. We packaged it by carton sales and offered it in white and natural kraft. Offering free delivery with any 2 cartons ordered we hope to encourage corporate clients to replace other types of packaging with eco-friendly packaging instead.

Another featured product of the year is our biodegradable plastic bags. We are offering this environmental-friendly option for our customers in the retail segment where plastic bag may seem to be the most-economical choice. Here retailers can have their logos printed on customized sized biodegradable shopping bags.

Q: As more and more customers become more concerned with eco-friendly packaging, will your company start replacing all your current products with eco-friendly products?

A: From the beginning, our core business as a paper mill representative already set the foundation to develop and promote our own line of eco-friendly paper packaging products. In the early years, we were promoting product replacements, but we have since evolved into expanding every possible product range that serves the 3 Rs (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) of sustainable green packaging as demonstrated in how we offer bio-degradable plastic bags.

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