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24 May 2017

The Smart and Adaptive Future of Sustainable Packaging Design

Packaging design trends for 2017 are straightforward – Be simple but bold and clear; do not be afraid to go wild with colours and repetitive patterns, use illustration and die cuts in your narrative, go vintage, and most importantly, be eco-friendly.


Set clear labelling

  • Be transparent about recyclables and non-recyclables
  • Proper disposal methods
  • Helps customers be better informed

Increase use of recyclable materials

  • Creates the least impact on environment
  • Even better? Use recycled materials

Embrace lightweight and smaller packaging

  • Right-size so that less material is required to produce packages
  • Reduces waste and environmental impact

Edible packaging

  • Good for food items
  • Eliminates packaging waste altogether
  • Hygiene concerns exist but still gaining interest

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