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18 May 2017

Resource List #004


New 3-D printing method creates shape-shifting objects
Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China have collaborated and successfully developed a new 3D printing method that creates objects that change shapes when heated.

A billion euro market – inkjet fabric print comes of age
The digital textile printing market is expected to keep growing in double digits. Smithers Pira looks at some of the trends that is currently present in the market.

See it, want it, print it: digital printing continues to develop
The digital printing industry continues growing as other industries adopt digital printing into their businesses.

Global digital printing packaging market will flourish by 2015 - 2021
Digital printing for packaging is expected to keep growing with the less troublesome and time-consuming services it provides for businesses.


Sustainability & lightweighting to drive growth in PET packaging market
Growth in the PET packaging industry has been relatively consistent and sustainability and lightweighting are expected to drive the development of the industry.

Industry leaders champion new metal packaging industry
Recently made the new Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO), MetPac-SA will be focusing on establishing the new metal packaging industry as a contributor to sustainability.


Digital signage content as a service delivers millennial customer experience
With people relying on technology more and more, digital signages may help businesses give that last push to their customers to purchase their products.

Looking beyond the displays: digital signage trends part 1
Looking beyond the displays: digital signage trends part 2
Besides the displays themselves, how do your digital signage catch the attention of your audience?

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