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04 May 2017

Resource List #003


Web-to-print remains crucial to keeping print buyers satisfied and loyal
With the increasing digitisation of several services in all industries, should printing businesses invest in web-to-print?

Market trends in dye sublimation printing
Smithers Pira’s predicts an increase of fabric printed digitally via dye sublimation.


Is there a market for recycled-content materials in flexible packaging?
Stakeholders of the packaging industry answers questions regarding the possibility of flexible packaging made with recycled materials.

Why you now need a strategy for ecommerce packaging
As more and more people start buying their things online, should the packaging of e-commerce products change to keep up with the growing demand?

5 packaging materials you didn’t know are difficult to recycle
Recyclable packaging is now something that consumers are looking out for. So what are the packaging materials that cannot be recycled?

An emerging opportunity

India’s packaging industry is striving to become a bigger industry as the Indian Institute of Packaging offers various courses to fresh graduates.


Is your business falling back? Check out the latest digital signage trends and benefits
With more and more businesses adopting the use of digital signage, the trends and benefits starts becoming evident.

3 self-service lessons for digital signage
Digital signage is becoming more common in several industries, but are they improving customer experience?

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