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02 May 2017

Interview with Fedrigoni: New shades of white and some transparency on sustainability

Question (Q): Can you tell us more about the products and services that Fedrigoni Asia offers?
Answer (A): Fedrigoni Asia is a subsidiary of Fedrigoni S.p.A. overseeing sales and distribution in Asia and the Pacific. Collaborating closely with customers in the region, Fedrigoni creates specially customised paper products along with the 2,500 standard items that are always in stock. In Asia, we maintain four warehouse facilities and work with a network of dealers to ensure availability in the local market.

Q: Fabriano merged with Fedrigoni in 2002. What prompted the merger between the two companies? How has the merger benefitted Fedrigoni?
A: The Italian government’s move to privatise the Fabriano Mill opened up the opportunity for the company to become “heirs to the centuries old tradition of Italian paper making” making it Italy’s biggest speciality paper producer – further stratifying its position as the market leader in the fancy paper business.

Q: Would you like to share with us some of the new products that you will be showcasing during PrintPack+Sign?

Old Mill – Premium White
This new shade of white is the latest offering from Old Mill – produced with a wide range of substances, this product is sure to virtually guarantee great print results and a splendid consumer experience imbibing class and sophistication to your brand image.


Tintoretto – Touch Class
An old favourite in Singapore, the Tintoretto now gets an upgrade for today’s print/ finishing technologies.

This classic paper popular for prestigious publications and greeting cards, introduces the “Touch Class” – a line extension specifically developed for polymer-based print effects that allows for a greater tactile experience.


The Freelife range – re-imagined for today’s environment conscious world, is updated with new shades of white and off-white selections and an expanded choice of substances to meet the needs of today.

It includes:

  • Freelife Vellum – for that premium cottony feel
  • 100% FSC Recycled – Freelife Cento
  • Freelife Kendo – with that organic look of hemp fibres

Q: With the arrival of the digital age, there are more people using technology for things previously done on paper. Has that affected Fedrigoni in any way?
A: Yes it has, but not necessarily in the way that many people think. The trend has caused commodity mills to close down, but it also opened up opportunities for our specialty paper.

The number of big print jobs has been constantly declining in recent years; however this is offset by smaller jobs in increasing volume. A lot of work that used to go on print may now just be produced online, however, it has reached a tipping point where more and more people are beginning to see and appreciate the value of print in this increasingly digital world.

Giving people something they can touch and feel adds more value to your message. It makes what you communicate more memorable, interesting, and less fleeting. Add to this other digital technologies that allow customisation and personalised prints – and you can rest assured that Print is alive and kicking.

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