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24 Apr 2017

Interview: Brighten Etch & Engraving

Question (Q): Can you tell us a little about the history of Brighten Etch & Engraving?
Answer (A): In 1986, we started out in a little shop in Queensway Shopping Center with just an engraving machine, two chairs and a pair of willing hands. Our founder, Mr. Richard Liew, was armed with nothing but a passion for the engraving arts and an entrepreneurial determination. Over the years, he’s collaborated on projects with a wide diversity of clientele, ranging from government sectors, automobile authorised dealers, medical, marine, oil & gas and many more. To date, we’ve expanded to two stores with a stellar team of engraving and etching experts.

Q: What are the types of technology and machines that Brighten Etch & Engraving uses?
A: We have multiple engraving, solvent and UV printing machines to produce a huge range of products ranging from industrial control panels to customised nametags and plaques. Our metallic items are made via chemical etching, a process whereby acid is used to carve indents on metallic surfaces such as brass, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Q: Tell us more about the process of product customisation for clients.
A: As we strive to make the ordering process as convenient as possible for our clients, most of our orders are completed via emails. From initial inquiries to payments via fund transfer, and subsequently artwork vetting and order delivery, our clients can enjoy the convenience of receiving their customised orders in the comfort of their office and homes!

Q: Were there any customisation requests that stood out?
A: Come June, Brighten will commence the retailing of ready-made products online. Till then, all orders are customised to the clients’ requirements. A few years ago, we decided to sponsor custom-shaped name badges for a special needs children’s TV program. This order felt different to us not only because of the unique designs of the badges, but also because we were able to create a positive impact on these children’s lives.

Q: Was there a significant project which led to, or a period of time when the company’s business really took off?
A: Our growth throughout the start has been very generic, and though a linear growth equates to lesser profits, we enjoy high amounts of repeat orders from our large database of satisfied customers.

Q: As other businesses turn to more digital solutions, what are your plans to adapt to this trend?
A: With the continuing growth in consumer behaviour towards ecommerce, Brighten is constantly improving its online presence. Quick response times, constant social media updates and a hassle-free purchasing experience are some of the many aspects we currently strive to improve on to remain competitive and relevant.

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