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20 Apr 2017

Resource List #002


Printing industry shifts to packaging in digital era
As paper starts being used less and less in the digital era, the stakeholders in the printing industry has to look to other businesses and industries to keep earning money.

Get a handle on digital printing
An interview with Lucas Guariglia, Rowboat Creative’s president and director of sales operations provides an insight to the world of digital printing.


Where, how and why ocean plastic is being used as packaging feedstock
With the very real problem of plastic flooding our oceans looming in the near future, several businesses from different industries has decided to step up and take responsibility of reducing the plastic pollution.

Turning soya bean waste into packaging
Professor William Chen, director of the Food Science and Technology Programme at the Nanyang Technological University, and his team of researchers have managed to find a way to create biodegradable packaging out of soya bean residue.


The right digital signage can transform the retail experience
With digital signage, brick-and-mortar retailers are improving the shopping experience of modern customers and their own business.

5 types of signage no retailer can afford to ignore
What are some of the ways that signage can be used to boost sales and improve customer experience?

4 ways physical signage complements digital signage
With the rise technology, more and more businesses are going digital, even signage. But what if you could combine both digital and non-digital signage to boost the number of customers entering your store?

A small-business guide to designing compelling signage
Digital signage may be becoming more popular nowadays, but the traditional signage is still drawing in customers.



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