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31 Mar 2017

Resource List #001


Middle East presents new boom market for international print industry
The Middle East opens up a market for the print industry as their regional value increases. With the decreasing overall market of the print industry, the Middle East is appealing to them.

Longtime printing industry expert, emerging technology forecaster and consultant Bill Lamparter passes
A giant in the printing industry, Bill Lamparter passed away on 8 March, 2017. Family, friends, and business associates share their memories of the late industry leader.

The rise of digital printing in a paperless world
As more and more people forgo the use of paper for technology, how are printers finding business in an increasingly paperless world?

How digital printing technology is taking us closer to fully customizable clothing
With a rising demand for uniqueness and customization in the fashion industry, the production process is undergoing change to fulfil these demands. With the help of digital printing and technology, the fashion industry is working to revise a more efficient way to produce unique and customisable clothes for consumers.


Top Packaging Trends – Forecast to 2021
With the rising advancements and developments in the technology of the packaging industry, there are trends to look out for to take full advantage of the opportunities that are rising in the industry.

Dell ships first recycled ocean plastics packaging in computer industry
Dell continues to be the only one in the computer industry to use recycled plastics in their computer products. Now, Dell becomes the first to use ocean plastics in their products.

Recyclable cosmetics packaging: a central industry focus
Packaging in the cosmetics market is striving to be recyclable. With eco-friendly consumer concerns, one of the top four global packaging trends, the industry is encouraging more innovations and investments in the beauty and personal care packaging area.


Digital signage will be buzzing this year
Digital signage becomes increasingly popular as businesses from several different industries turn away from traditional media for signage.

Digital signage: market evolution
As digital signage gets more business in the industry, industry stakeholders share some of the ways that they think the market will evolve.

Signage is the attraction
Entertainment venues such as amusement parks, museums, and various other tourist attractions make use of signage as one of the ways to draw in revenue. One such way is taking advantage of digital signage.

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