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30 Mar 2017

Is This Printer For You?

Many businesses use different printers for their respective works. So, how do you choose the most suitable printer for your own business?

Digital Printers

Types of Digital Printing:

  1. Print-on-Demand Digital Printing
    • Suitable for small amounts of printing
    • Suitable for businesses that do print in bulk

  2. Variable Data Digital Printing
    • Catered to customisation and personalisation
    • Bulk of content remains the same with personalised details

  3. Web-to-Print Digital Printing
    • Allows customisation of files to be done online by customers and print owner
    • Proof of file will be shown online before it is printed and sent to client

Examples of products of Digital Printers:

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are popular among home users and are able to blend colours smoothly for better photo prints. They are able to handle documents filled with images / graphics and also colour reproduction.

Examples of products of Inkjet Printers:

Offset Printers

Offset printers has the highest quality printing process in the industry. Prints with rich, smooth solids without the streaking found in lesser quality prints are produced with the use of actual inks. The look and feel of any offset printing products comes across as more professional.

Examples of products of Offset Printers:

Large Format Printers

Types of Large Format Printers:

  1. Large Format Aqueous Inkjet Printers
    • Most common in today’s market
    • Provide fastest output with highest resolution
    • Able to print both indoor and outdoor materials
    • Outdoor longevity of products considerably increased with lamination
    • Largest market share in photographic and fine art printing, trade show printing, graphic design and prepress proofing

  2. Large Format Solvent Inkjet Printers
    • Ideal for outdoor graphics
    • Inks used offer durability
    • More suitable to plant installation due noxious fumes (hazardous) produced
    • Mostly used by signage industry because less expensive media can be used

  3. Large Format UV-based Flatbed Printers
    • Can be used to print directly on materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, and glass
    • Offer several of the same features as those of the solvent inkjet printers
    • Less expensive inks than the aqueous inkjet printers’ are used
    • No lamination needed for outdoor image durability

Examples of products of Digital Printers:

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