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30 Jun 2016

6 questions with Marc of Ark Industries

  1. How does securing distributing rights for brands like Adidas affect your production costs?
    Distribution of Brands is like building a long-term relationship. You need to start from the basics and build up that relationship before the brand is certain you are the right partner to work with. It’s about how well you are able to represent the brands.

  2. Your company has been engaged to make shirts for many events. Thus far, what is the largest quantity your company is able to handle?
    So far, the largest quantity per order that we did was for an event of 25,000 pax.

  3. Amongst all the different types of printing, is there one that is preferred amongst your clients? Why is that so?
    Embroidery is usually the most sought after. The threads that we use are from Germany and gives a very vibrate effect. The color fastness is great too and last long.

  4. When your company won the Singapore’s outstanding enterprise, you mentioned that your company grew in 2008 during the recession. How did you manage to do that and what kind of strategies did you adopt?
    When the market is down, it is a good time to make your move. Just like sun zi bin fa (孙子兵法).

  5. Back in 2012 you mentioned that you had plans for expansion. How is that progressing in terms of growth from 2012 till now?
    • We have grown quite a bit since 2012. 
    • Company strength has increased to over 20
    • Increased brands that we carry.

  6. What are your 5-year goals?
    • To be the leading corporate sports brand supplier.
    • To be the leading embroiderer in SG
    • Expanding out to Asia, Countries like Taiwan, Korea, Thailand. etc.

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