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28 Jun 2016

Don’t miss these showcases at PrintPack+Sign 2016

3D Printing by Singapore Makers
Singapore Makers is a community platform for Makers to celebrate creativity and inventiveness in Singapore through: 1) Encouraging creative inventive and innovative expressions among its members; 2) Promoting scientific, technological, engineering, artistic and mathematical skills through social collaboration and education; 3) Supporting projects by budding maker entrepreneurs. Watch 3D printing in action at PP+S 2016!
Packaging Lab by Creativeans
Innovative Media will introduce a SEG (Silicon Edge Graphic) Profile Solution by BannerMate, the leading manufacturer of display solutions.

BannerMate prides itself in designing practical and innovative display solutions. Since the release of the SEG Popup in 2015 Q4, customers in Europe and USA have promptly adopted the SEG Profile Solution because of its mobility and flexibility which requires minimum manpower and logistics for setups and handling.

The system will make its first appearance in Singapore. Visitors may drop by Innovative Media's booth at PP+S 2016 to learn how a team of 2 can set up a 3.75m height with ease.
The Packaging Showcase
Industry and institutional packaging design products and prototypes come together at The Packaging Showcase! Visit to discover creative applications of packaging design, new technologies, methodologies and ideas.
Orita Sinclair School of Design, Media, and The Arts
BannerMate Singapore Airlines’ Complimentary Skincare Set
Designer: Irene Foo

“Customers first” is a core value Singapore Airlines (SIA) holds firm in positioning itself as a strong player in the passenger flight industry since 1972. The skincare regime is designed to complement this key strategy and is exclusively offered to premium class travellers for their in-flight hydration needs. Befitting of a cleansing product, the packaging is in clinical white to suggest safety, hygiene and superior quality. Durable compartments are intricately built within the unique structure of SIA’s logo to align with the brand’s pursuit of excellence and endeavours in always going the extra mile.
BannerMate Dr. Martens - The Original Skincare Kit
Designer: Sam Sun Zhongyinan

DM, The Original Skincare Kit was designed as a sub-brand of Dr. Martens, whose iconic boots are recognised worldwide for their uncompromising looks, durability and comfort. The paper-stock chosen this time also embodies these features, with a soft, tactile surface, and a rich matt finish, inviting consumers to touch and feel. For the combo packs, a simple paper tray is designed to hold and support all three products in the telescope box. The individual packaging functions as a drawer, while the handle is inspired by the pull loop at heel collar of a typical pair of Dr. Martens boots.
Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
BannerMate Spread Joy by GSH Conserves
Designer: Cellyn Tan Xinyi

GSH Conserves is a local brand that makes homemade jam using fruits from around the local region. In doing so, its brand philosophy expresses that the product
  1. is made with care as it is homemade,
  2. supports Singaporean entrepreneurship, and
  3. is environment-friendly as the brand reduces carbon-footprint by sourcing locally.
With these brand values in mind, the label uses the maximum space available all around the jam jar designs to express the jam-making story through text and illustrations, in order to attract a consumer who is looking beyond mass-produced products. The visual language of the sketchy illustrations of the process and the hand-type typography creates a warm and personal mood that the jam maker is telling his jam-making story. The jar is opaque to differentiate itself from jam packaging already on the shelves but yet has a transparent part in the design to be able to see the actual jam within.

This project won an award in the Student Category of Singapore Star Packaging Awards 2014.
BannerMate Ah!Lemak Rice Rolls
Designers: Tan Wan Qing and Riley Koh Jia Min

Ah!Lemak is new twist to the Japanese sushi roll. Instead of Japanese ingredients, this local Singaporean creation is given a new twist by using popular ingredients found in Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) menu, such as Ikan Bilis, Ikan Kuning, Egg, Cucumber, etc and wrapping them in coconut rice and then all wrapped with a sheet of seaweed.

A bamboo stick can be inserted between the two holes on the box to act as a handle as well as to create a quirky feel.

A slip out inner box allows for easy storage of the rice roll as well as for easy accessibility to consume.

This project won an award in the Student Category of Singapore Star Packaging Awards 2014 and AsiaStar Packaging Awards 2014.

Fruition Can Co. Ltd
Booth No. CG34

Coca -Cola bottle-shaped Thermometer, with hanging hook. The tin is suitable for both outdoor and indoor decorations.

Nostalgic Radio Tin: Perfect for party or gift packaging.

Large bauble Tin: This trendy and popular festive packaging can be used to adorn Christmas trees.
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