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20 Jun 2016

Interview: Exciting launch of new Pro Series from OKI

Oscar Tan, Regional Marketing and Communications Manager of Oki Data Singapore answers a few question about the new Pro Series of printers that will be launched at the 2nd edition of PrintPack+Sign (PP+S) 2016.

  1. What products are being launched by OKI at PrintPack+Sign 2016?
    The new Pro Series printers from OKI are coming to Singapore and will be officially revealed at the PP+S show. Four new printer models line-up the Pro Series range and each one is created to meet specific printing needs within the marketplace. The OKI Pro Series printer models are: Pro6410 NeonColor, Pro7411WT, Pro9420WT, Pro9542dn.

  2. What makes these new products so special?
    Collectively, these printers are expected to create new opportunities for businesses because of their ability to produce stunning results on a whole range of media. And what makes the Pro Series printers truly unique? Well, OKI has made it now possible to print solid white, clear gloss and even neon colours, inexpensively and all in-house. Each printer within the Pro Series range is unique and the special features vary by models. OKI is renowned for producing incredibly reliable and useful office printers, but the introduction of the Pro Series is special because this new range of printers - besides being mostly capable of doing office print jobs - were built to fulfil unique needs in terms of print applications. The Pro Series printer line-up creates new opportunities for those businesses that require graphic arts printing because they bring new possibilities to a market segment that until now, has been a capital intensive one.

  3. Could you elaborate on the technology used by OKI?
    OKI is a pioneer in digital LED printing. We developed the World's first LED printer in 1981 and since then, we've grown from strength to strength by developing this LED technology further, which benefits businesses and users everywhere.

    By combining digital LED printing technology with four- or five-colour toner technology and engines that give extensive media flexibility, the OKI Pro Series printing platforms give users the opportunity to affordably produce outstanding graphics, on paper and various types of media; on a wide range of media sizes from A6 to SRA3 including banners up to 1.3 metres in length, as well as on paper stock up to 360gsm. Features will vary by models.

    Our unmatched experience in the field of LED printing technology has allowed us to design and manufacture printer engines that are especially reliable, making us a leader in enterprise printers and an obvious choice amongst printing companies and office users. This is also why we are even confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty on our expensive OKI LED print-heads.

  4. How will these new products bring new opportunities to clients?
    Take for example the new Pro6410 NeonColor printer from OKI, by combining our High Definition digital LED colour printing with neon toner technology, we are able to create stunning effects with neon colour which can be used to produce seductive signage, amazing point-of-sales displays, window graphics and so much more, which would be great for capturing customer's attention and increasing footfall. Printer owners of the Pro6410 NeonColor even have the flexibility to use OKI's neon white toner for security purposes, such as printing a security mark which would only be revealed when checked under UV light.

    As for companies in the graphic arts printing industry or for those intending to explore new growth opportunities, the new Pro Series line-up gives users the capability to print in WHITE.  White toner printing offers designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and other graphics-based businesses, a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and production, enabling them to print in-house what they need, when they need it.

    With the ability to print solid white onto a wide variety of coloured media or even over other colours, clients can create vibrant transfers for use on dark backgrounds. By removing all the traditional CMYK restrictions, printed output matches design capabilities, for T-shirt and merchandising transfers, short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics and clear film, including stationery items from invitations to menus. The Pro Series printers are ideal for light production (or prototyping) and graphic arts use. By utilising unique digital LED technology, vibrant four and five-colour technology with innovative printing processes, the Pro Series printers deliver outstanding print quality, faster time to market and low running costs. Moreover, upfront cost is expected to be extremely reasonable and not prohibitive for businesses looking for new opportunities.

  5. Where and when will these products be available to clients?
    The Pro Series printers are available to clients from 29 June 2016 onwards and will be sold through selected authorised OKI partners. Interested customers may call the OKI office at 6221 3722 to enquire further. Our office and showroom are open Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays, from 9am to 5pm (avoid lunch hours from 12.30pm to 1.30pm).

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