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17 Jun 2016

Modern Print Buyers - Who are they and what do they want?

While the digital age has evidently reshaped the print industry, printers are rethinking their approach for the marketing, keeping up with technology and figuring out how to sell to millennials – your modern printers and marketers.

Multi-tasking is key.
Modern print buyers are not necessarily Print Buyers, nor do they have ‘print buyer’ in their job title or job description. Modern printers wear many hats; they work in purchasing, marketing, development, anything, really – but they all have one thing in common, and it’s to have a printer that can keep up. If a printer even offers full mailing, fulfilment services and personalisation capabilities, then their interest would probably have been piqued.

Modern print buyers are tech savvy and require their printers to be as well.
Automation > Manual Processes.

Analogue processes and cumbersome systems and manual tasks no longer resonate with the modern print buyer. Whole web-to-print was the first step towards making things easier for print buyers, these systems no longer meet the needs of the modern print buyer. To bridge the gap between digital and physical marketing assets, modern print buyers, on top of competitive pricing, flawless print and rocket speed, like simplicity and getting things done without leaving the office.

Digital is not killing print, it gave birth to tools that boost the value and importance of print in the marketing mix.

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