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Supporting Organisations

PrintPack+Sign (PP+S) works closely with key reputable local and overseas associations and government bodies.


Print & Media Association, Singapore (PMAS)

The Print & Media Association, Singapore (PMAS) is the national representative body for the printing industry in Singapore, founded in 1937 originally as the Master Printers Association, Singapore, the name was changed to the Print & Media Association, Singapore in 2000 to reflect the changes in technology and advances within the industry.

Membership is open to all companies engaged in the printing and allied trades, including suppliers of equipment, software and consumables and companies that support the printing industry as example event organisers and freight forwarders. The Association is the defacto focal point for the industry with strong linkage to the print and media communities, supply channels, government and other allied organisations.


Asia Advertisement Association (AAA)

Asian Advertising Association is established by China Sign Association , All Japan outdoor advertising association, Federation of Korea Outdoor Advertising Association to promote Asian advertising industry and seek for the friendly contacts with the members. Some agreements were signed by three parties to announce the Association's establishment on the site of APPPExpo 2015 in the afternoon of March 11th.


Malaysia Paper Association (MAPA)

Set up to represent the interest of its members engaged in the paper merchandising business, MAPA seeks to promote, regulate and encourage a more organised conduct of operations among members. In addition, MAPA aims to protect and promote mutually beneficial corporate and business interest of the members. The myriad of ideas, data and information, activities, varied and diverse experiences and contributions from the members will certainly assist in making the Resource Centre dynamic and meaningful to its users.

With the further support and cooperation of its members, MAPA purposes to transmit information from the various sources and contacts to its members and thus improving the industry. In light of current issues, MAPA's role is to put forward a strong representation from the industry to the government by bridging the current gap and ensuring a level playing field for its members.

Visit their website for more information.


Singapore Paper Merchants Association (SPMA)

The Singapore Paper Merchants Association (SPMA) is a non-profit trade organisation that comprises representatives from numerous paper merchants in Singapore. These representatives come from multinational companies, large, medium and small companies operating in the country.

Since its inception, the SPMA has been playing an active role in the development and growth of the paper industry in Singapore, striving to be at the forefront of the industry.

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