Supporting Organisation Partners

PrintPack+Sign (PP+S) works closely with key reputable local and overseas associations and government bodies.

PMAS logo Print & Media Association Singapore (PMAS)
PMAS is the national association for the printing industry in Singapore. PMAS promotes the interests of the printing industry by acting as a bridge among member firms, and between the printing industry, the relevant government agencies and the public.
AAA Asia Advertisement Association (AAA)
AAA was jointly initiated by China Sign Association of Equipment Suppliers (Shanghai), Korea Outdoor Advertising Association and Kinki Outdoor Advertising Association in March 11, 2015. Up to now, it has covered 15 member countries or regions, such as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc.
MAPMA logo Malaysia Paper Merchants Association (MaPMA)
Set up to represent the interest of its members engaged in the paper merchandising business, MaPMA seeks to promote, regulate and encourage a more organized conduct of operations among members. In addition, MaPMA aims to protect and promote mutually beneficial corporate and business interest of the members.
SPMA Singapore Paper Merchants Association (SPMA)
The SPMA is a non-profit trade organization that comprises representatives from numerous paper merchants in Singapore. These representatives come from multinational companies, large, medium and small companies operating in the country.

Media Partners

PP+S’s media partners help extend our outreach to overseas trade buyers. Apart from placing advertisements in industry publications, PP+S conducts overseas marketing activities at relevant international trade fairs to recruit overseas trade buyers.

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